Services to help migrant workers safelmake a bracelet online freey go home for Chinese New Year

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China promises to ensure a safe journey home for migrant workers as they head home for Chinese New Year, according to a senior official of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Su Bin, director of the rights protection department at the federation, said trade unions nationwide will work with related departments to provide "people-oriented" service to migrant workers on their way home, especially in East and Central China, where a large number of migrant workers come from.

"We would provide ticket-booking services for migrant workers in need. We would also provide logistics services along the highway for those who ride motorbikes home," he said.

Su added that trade unions will also provide free training on job skills and starting businesses to achieve "targeted poverty alleviation" and ease employment pressure after the Lunar New Year.

"Encouraging migrant workers to start businesses in their hometowns will propel development in the center and west of China, but the work should be carried out with caution," he said.

Sun said that starting businesses has risks, and once a failure occurs, migrant workers would suffer economic loss, and more importantly more would lose confidence in the project.


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